Z’s Mobile is Finally Finished!!

Z's Mobile

This fairy is needle felted around a wire form and embellished with a ribbon and butterfly wings.  She was the last one to be made using this design.  Knowing that I would give her to Z, I gave her darker skin.  I figured if I couldn’t find Z a “Black dolly” I would make her one.  I really like how the dark brown sets off the softer pinks, greens, and greys. This made it easy to color coordinate the embellishments:

I had all of these pieces sitting in separate boxes in various corners of my apartment for quite some time.  I just wasn’t inspired to put them together until now!

Z's Mobile

Each piece is strung onto invisible thread and hung from two bamboo dowels covered in crochet.  I love the finished project and so does Z!  She and her mom especially like how the fairy slightly resembles their Mama.

Z's Mobile

Z's Mobile

I am currently finishing a blanket for my sister-in-law who is due any moment and will start work on a matching lamp and crocheted picture frames.  Pictures to follow soon!


Liebster Award

Starting this blog was something I meant to accomplish for quite some time. It took me awhile to see the value in my work and to find the courage to share it with others.  Since joining WordPress, I’ve been overwhelmed by the support I’ve received, and I’m grateful for the inspiration I have been given.  It’s encouraged me to expand my self-perception and helped awaken an awareness of new beginnings.  Today, I have even more reason to be grateful, as I was nominated for a Liebster award by Crochet by Gray.

Before I get into the details of what the award is and how to receive it, I must make a contrite and humble apology to cro29 who also nominated me for a Liebster award on April 10.  Having just begun blogging when she nominated me, I excitedly started to draft my response and then life carried me away into a fog of forgetfulness.  To honor her, I’ve included my responses to her questions in this post as well.  I hope Gray is cool with this, as her nomination not only gave me appreciated encouragement but also helped me remember to show gratitude.  So much thanks to both of you! Now for the details of the Liebster Award.

Bloggers with less than 300 followers are nominated by other bloggers to draw attention to the awesomeness being shared and to form a community.

The Rules:

1. List 11 random facts about yourself

2. Nominate 11 other bloggers, and link to their blogs

3. Notify the bloggers of their nomination

4. Ask 11 questions for your nominees to answer

5. Answer the questions asked by the person who nominated you, thank them for the nomination, and link back to their blog

11 Random Facts about Me:

1. I spent the first 5 years of my life on a 2000 acre farm.  My siblings and I learned bear safety (still remember this), and I helped my dad with the butchering (I don’t remember this part, but my dad loves to tell people about it!).

2. One day, I’d like to study Acupressure.

3. I am a teacher who

4. used to be a hair stylist

5. who is leaving teaching within the next 2 years.

6. My favorite movie is The Fountain.  It’s directed by Darren Aronofsky and stars Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz.

7. My favorite anime movies are: Asura and Princess Mononoke.

8. I’m a pretty fantastic cook.

9. I’ve survived cancer. Twice.

10. My best job was working as a rental technician for Intrawest Resorts on Whistler Mountain.

11. I have my entire back and 1/2 of one arm tattooed.

Questions for my nominees:

1. What’s your favorite movie?

2. What’s your go-to comfort food?

3. Who’s your favorite musician?

4. What’s one of your life’s biggest accomplishments?

5. Where’s your favorite spot to be outdoors?

6. Who is someone you would like to pay honor to through gratitude?

7. What are you feeling grateful for today?

8. What/who inspires you?

9. Do you have any pets?

10. What’s your favorite beverage on a hot summer’s day?

11. What’s your favorite beverage on a cold winter’s day?

Answered questions from Crochet by Gray:

1. Do you play online games?


2. Favorite vacation you’ve already had?

Visiting my grandma in the summers and visiting Jamaica to meet Trev’s family this past December.

3. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go?

Jamaica and Thailand

4. What is your dream job?

I would (will) be using art to help women and children in developing countries escape poverty.

5.  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Tough one, as I’m currently undergoing a leap of faith. I don’t know exactly where I’m headed but know I can’t stay where I am.  Right now there are a lot of possibilities.

6.  Apples or Oranges?

Apples, but only if I have almond butter.

7. Do you eat breakfast?

Yup. My top 2 favorites are: green smoothies or oatmeal with organic chocolate and toasted walnuts.

8. Are you a pack rat, or someone who throws everything away?


9. Favorite book/author?

The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

10. Mac or PC?

Makes no difference.

11. Do you play any instruments?  If so, which one(s), and did you take lessons?

I don’t, but I did play (and hated) the flute. (my parents wouldn’t let me play drums)

Answered Questions from Cro29:

1. If your a crafter what is your favourite craft website?


2. Where is your favourite place to be?

For me, it’s all about inner space.  My favorite place is deep inside the meditative zone!

3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Tough one, as I’m currently undergoing a leap of faith. I don’t know exactly where I’m headed but know I can’t stay where I am.  Right now there are a lot of possibilities. Today, I’m content to live, love, and focus on becoming stronger physically, spiritually, and mentally so that tomorrow’s challenges are easier to process.

4. Summer or winter?

Living on Vancouver Island means that our climate is rather temperate but the winters mean rain, clouds, and fog.  People here suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  So, without question, I prefer the warm embrace of summer.

5. Biggest role model?

Mine and Trevor’s maternal grandmothers.  Their wisdom has been invaluable.

6. Favourite craft?

I don’t have a favorite! Right now I seem to be crocheting and felting the most, but I really just love to play and become more centered through creativity.

7. Pink or blue?

No preference.  All color inspires me!

8. Favourite drink?

As odd as this may sound… Water.  A friend once referred to water as our Earth Mother’s milk, and I thought that was one of the coolest ways of thinking about water.  Without it, life does not exist.

9. Favourite singer/artist?

This changes constantly!  Right now, I’m addicted to Lowkey’s “My Soul” and the Atliens album by Outcast has been in my car since I was 17.

10. What has been your best age yet?

So far, I’m liking my 30s.  It feels calmer than my teens and 20s.  I also feel more connected to me deeper self.

11. Something your proud of?

Completing two Bachelor Degrees simultaneously and graduating as the top student. I learned that commitment and faith can help me accomplish anything.

11 Nominees:

There are no obligations to respond to this nomination.  I’ve chosen the following blogs, because I find their work inspiring and want others to see what they’re creating.

A Nerdy Crocheter

DaniellaJoe’s Blog

daily art enrichments

Talking Qalam


IreneIrving’s Crafty Creative

Measured & Slow

Belle Monde Handmade

Operation Crunchy Mama



Huge thanks to Crochet by Gray and Cro29 for their nominations!!!!

What is Happenning in Istanbul?

İnsanlık Hali

To my friends who live outside of Turkey:

I am writing to let you know what is going on in Istanbul for the last five days. I personally have to write this because at the time of my writing most of the media sources are shut down by the government and the word of mouth and the internet are the only ways left for us to explain ourselves and call for help and support.

Last week of May 2013 a group of people most of whom did not belong to any specific organization or ideology got together in Istanbul’s Gezi Park. Among them there were many of my friends and yoga students. Their reason was simple: To prevent and protest the upcoming demolishing of the park for the sake of building yet another shopping mall at very center of the city. There are numerous shopping malls in Istanbul, at least…

View original post 1,057 more words

For the Love of Buttons

I recently purchased some buttons on Etsy and have only just begun to imagine the possibilities.  Here’s some from Lyanwood on Etsy. I hope to order more soon, as their buttons are gorgeous!


My inner crow is obsessed with the sparkles!


Dried flowers pressed into a huge button? Yes, please!!


The color of these hearts is warm and scrumptious.


  There’s something beautifully simple about these ones.

I also purchased buttons from Maria of Patchwork Mill on Etsy.  I absolutely adore her handmade fabric buttons, and I love that she sent me a couple of freebies with my order.



Sunny Clamshell Pillow (comes with a pattern)

Sunny Clamshell Pillow

I might barely make the deadline, but this pillow is my second entry to Wool Hogs May Made It Challenge.  My first entry (the Granny Square Pillow) began a commitment to cover each and every one of the pillows in my home (as well as the bag of pillows hiding in the trunk of my car) with unique designs.  I think this will be a simple way to learn about different stitches and how to make original designs.  My first is the ‘Sunny Clamshell Pillow.” (pattern)

Sunny Clamshell Pillow

As well as learning new stitches, I want to learn how to make and write patterns.  I took lots of notes when making this pillow and converted them into my very first written pattern.  I’m sure there’s mistakes or a better format I could have used.  Suggestions are most welcome!

There are so many amazing entries to this months challenge.  Here’s a couple of my favorites:

  • A most beautiful Granny Square baby blanket by Hav2Havz

I also want to give thanks to:

Each and every one of the above mentioned blogs is jam packed with beautiful and inspiring work!!

The Back (because I like how it looks without embellishments too)

Clamshell Pillow by Aviena

Up in Smoke

I took a picture of smoke by accident and have been having fun editing the photo.  I love, love, love that I can make photographs look like abstract paintings.  I think it’s highly necessary to continue photographing smoke and seeing what I can come up with.

Smoke by Aviena

Up in Smoke

Up in Smoke by Aviena

Places I’ve been Walking

I’m so close to being finished a pillow I’m designing and will post pictures soon.  In the meantime, I’ve been perfecting the art of procrastination by walking and taking pictures.  Here’s a few:

Pretty Flowers at the Secret River:

Pretty Flowers by Aviena

Pretty Flowers by Aviena

The Railroad Tracks:

Railroad Tracks by Aviena

The Rhodo Garden:

Rhodo Garden by Aviena

Rhodo Garden by Aviena