Shabby Chic Baby Mobile

I’ve finally been able to finish Baby Echo’s sleeping area with this awesome Shabby Chic Baby Mobile:

Echo's Shabby Chic Baby Mobile

Browsing through Pinterest, I came across Audra’s tutorial for the Shabby Chic Nursery Chandelier on her blog The Kurtz Corner. I knew right away I had to make my own and will be forever grateful to Audra for inspiring a new love of all things girly and lacy!!

This is by far one of my favorite projects, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. It’s actually been awhile since I’ve had so much fun crafting something new.

The top portion was made with lots of lace, trim, pearls, beads, chains, and crochet embellishments.  I didn’t have any embroidery hoops to attach everything to and made my base hoops out of recycled material: metal hoops, cereal boxes, and a glue gun.

Echo's Shabby Chic Baby Mobile

The bottom portion is actually removable and is strung together using chain and a lobster clasp (to attach to the top portion).  I used a Styrofoam ball, silk flowers, pearl beads, and a glue gun for the flower sphere. I was also able to put to good use some beads I found on Etsy.

Echo's Shabby Chic Baby Mobile

Once Baby Echo is a little older, a trip to Vancouver, BC is highly necessary. There is a discount fabric and notion shop downtown that will supply me with the necessary material to begin crafting Shabby Chic items. Even more exciting will be the development of my studio, once Panther Jones and I are able to find our cozy home.  There is a Re-store not far from where we currently live that will offer all sorts of items to be refurbished into stunning home decor!

Thank you Audra for the inspiration!!


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