O-My Sherbert Baby Blanket

O-My Sherbert Baby Blanket I started this simple little baby blanket over a year ago and hated the color so much I threw it in the closet and forgot about it.  I think, to be honest, I was also bored with the repetition of a simple small shell stitch. Cleaning out my closets last week led me to rediscover this little gem and reconsider its usefulness.

Upon closer inspection, I came to realize that it would be a perfect gift for a young woman I shared part of my pregnancy with when I was still working. Each day, I admired her courage to face teenage pregnancy with dignity and commitment to improving her life for the sake of her daughter. I also deeply respected her friends for the support and encouragement they gave her to courageously face the stigma that comes with being a pregnant teenager.  I look forward to taking our daughter’s for walks in the park and sharing the journey of motherhood together.

All that was left to do for this blanket was finish the border, and it was easy when I woke up to a day like this:

The Gloom of a Snowy Day

Living on Vancouver Island, on the West Coast of British Columbia, we’re unaccustomed to snow at this time of year. Instead of complaining, I decided today was an opportunity to not feel guilty about going for my daily walk, tuck in with some tea and meatloaf sandwiches, and get crafty. I think the baby’s been enjoying the down time, as she’s been kicking around like crazy!

Even though I still don’t like the colors I used in this blanket (fluorescent color has never been my thing), I am pleased with how it turned out:

O-My Sherbert Baby Blanket

O-My sherbert Baby Blanket

Now it’s time to finish the Owl hats!


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