O-My Granny Baby Blanket

O-My Granny Baby BlanketMy baby girl is due next Friday, and I have been crocheting and crafting up a storm.  So far, this is the only project I have photographed.  I am tired ALL the time and don’t think I’ve ever felt such pain and discomfort in my lower back and hips.  Despite the discomfort, I am happily focused inward, meditating in preparation for a natural delivery.

I continue to walk daily and ensure that I keep my physical activity within a level my body can handle.  In quiet and inactive moments (which are becoming more frequent), I’ve been keeping my hands busy by stash-busting through yarn I no longer have use for.  My intention is to create gifts for the women at work who are all due within a couple of days to months as myself.

This blanket was both quick and easy.  I used a free pattern by Daisy Cottage Designs and modified the border with a simple (sc, ch3, sc) in every other stitch.  I was able to use up 3 balls of Loops & Threads “Snuggly Wuggly” I’ve had kicking around for a couple of years with a 5mm crochet hook.  It’s not a go-to yarn choice, but I do like that it can be machine washed and dried.

O-My Granny Baby Blanket

I’m excited to share some of my other projects (which are not all crocheted) as well as a co-sleeper/bassinet my most awesome dad made.  I just have to finish setting everything up and will have some pics and tutorials up soon.


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