Woolhogs ‘June Made It Challenge’ Voter’s Choice Award


I should have written this post a little sooner than today but have been quite ill since returning from my Gramma’s.  I’m only just starting to feel myself again.

I want to start by expressing my deepest gratitude to Maryanne at Woolhogs for running the monthly Made It Challenge.  I only just started entering my work in her contest last month, and it has increased my confidence in my work exponentially.  Maryanne is an amazing and loving person who continually finds the time to express positivity and love towards others, and I’ve come to appreciate her greatly.  Thank you for being so inspiring!

As for the other participants, I’m continually blown away by their creations.  June saw 22 people enter their work and each entry was exquisite.  When the voting commenced, my mom got excited and sent out a Facebook request to her contacts to vote on my work, helping me win this months contest.  Thank you, Mom!! Even though I’ve been told not to feel guilty, I still do and want to pay a small tribute to the runner’s up.

The first in from millieonherworld.  Her Balloon Animals are adorable and come with  an original pattern. I haven’t tried Amigurumi yet, but these little guys make me want to try! Thank you Millie for generously sharing the pattern!

The second is from littlepoppits.   Her Flower Power Bag is super cute and inspires me to try some of the ideas I’ve been collecting for my own crocheted bag.

As I’m preparing for a trip to Jamaica later this month, I don’t think I’ll be entering this month’s contest.  I will, if I can find a proper wi-fi signal, check in and vote to support this month’s participants.  If you have time, the entries have already started rolling in, and you can check them out on woolhogs ‘ Making it in JULY!’ post.

Good luck to everyone!!


6 thoughts on “Woolhogs ‘June Made It Challenge’ Voter’s Choice Award

  1. * blushing * WOW, thank you Aviena for the kind, warm words! My head is going to take ages to shrink heehee. Thank you to YOU for being such a wonderful part of the Made It – your creativity and spirit are infectious xxx

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