“Happy Times” Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket by Aviena

OMG! I’m finally finished my niece’s blanket.  I love how it turned out.  The color scheme was inspired by Virginia Woolf’s essay “Modern Fiction.” In it she discusses the need to revolutionize writing – a process that requires the writer to capture a more accurate reflection of the transitory nature of life and thought.  While I am in no way attempting to revolutionize color theory, I do appreciate Woolf’s comment that sometimes “we have to let the atoms fall where they may.”  This small snippet of her argument was enough to encourage me to break free from my need to plan my color pattern.  Instead, I let the colors fall where they pleased.

As for the pattern (“Happy Times), I found it in Crochet World’s ‘Easy Afghans’ (fall 2012).  It was beyond easy, more than a little boring, and took me forever to finish.  Despite this, the blanket has the most glorious texture for little hands to explore, and I can see myself using the basic pattern again for smaller projects.

Baby Blanket by Aviena

The long edges of the blanket are bordered by a small row of picot stitches:

Baby Blanket by Aviena

Baby Blanket by Aviena

Tomorrow, I’ll have pictures of the matching lamp!


16 thoughts on ““Happy Times” Baby Blanket

    1. So sorry for the delay! I’ve been violently ill and my energy is only just starting to pick up. Thank you so much for running this contest. I’ve felt so much more proud of my work since connecting with the wonderful community you’ve brought together. The image is now up on my blog, and I’ll be posting about it shortly. THANK YOU!!

      1. Oh no, I hope you are feeling much better x

        YIPEEE, so happy that you feel this way, this is exactly what the challenge is all about!!! Please email me your postal address so I can send you your Beaded Tassle set from Nice Piece of Work

        Much love Maryanne


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