What to Give….??


One of my favorite activities has always been gift-giving.  I know that the perfect something is out there for the person I want to surprise, and I patiently scavenge until I find it.  Sometimes I buy the gift. More often lately, I’ve been making them.  I’m never sure if this is appropriate, as I know some people find handmade gifts offensive.  The thing is, I’m finding it harder and harder to find the right store bought item…

I’ve been thinking lately about when I began to disconnect from highly commercialized products.  While I can’t pinpoint a timeline, I can say with certainty that I no longer feel ethical supporting many of the corporations that sell a lot of the product people seem to like (or expect).  Their products feel plastic and the story behind how the products were created casts a pretty dark shadow over an act of giving.  So.  I find myself in a dilemma, especially as our niece was born yesterday.

I’ve been struggling for months to determine an appropriate gift.  I wanted to make something but wasn’t sure if they would be offended.  I searched and searched with no luck and time was running short.  I decided to re-examine Kahlil Gibran’s passage from The Prophet “On Giving.” In it I was reminded that “it is when you give of yourself that you truly give” and realized I’d been going about this whole process in the wrong way.

Basically, I needed to give from my heart.  The only way I could do this was to make a gift that I would have liked to make for my own baby, if I had been able to carry him or her to term.  I started by selecting some vintage postcard images on Etsy and used them to create a color palette (look at picture above) for a blanket, a lamp, some bunting, and a couple of crocheted picture frames.

I was hoping to be finished the blanket today but need more yarn. So, I’m going to get started on a design for the lamp.  Pictures will be posted soon!


5 thoughts on “What to Give….??

  1. Wow! What beautiful colors. and beautiful thoughts. It’s been my experience that hand-made gifts are almost always more appreciated than store-bought. I know I was stunned when people gave me hand-made gifts for my babies (especially since I didn’t know how to knit back then). Also, I can’t believe you can make a blanket that fast. 🙂

    1. I’ve been very slowly working on the blanket for about 5 days now. I really like how the pattern looks but it’s so boring!! I just want to power through the rest and be done with it! Thank you for the reassurance about giving handmade. I too love them but am always nervous about given them to some people.

      1. I say if those people don’t appreciate your gifts, there is something wrong with them. 😉 I hope you post a pic of the blanket when it’s done!

      2. I feel the same way! Promise to post a pic of the blanket and the lamp. I’ve started making the various embellishments I’ll need to make it look girly fabulous!

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