Z’s Mobile is Finally Finished!!

Z's Mobile

This fairy is needle felted around a wire form and embellished with a ribbon and butterfly wings.  She was the last one to be made using this design.  Knowing that I would give her to Z, I gave her darker skin.  I figured if I couldn’t find Z a “Black dolly” I would make her one.  I really like how the dark brown sets off the softer pinks, greens, and greys. This made it easy to color coordinate the embellishments:

I had all of these pieces sitting in separate boxes in various corners of my apartment for quite some time.  I just wasn’t inspired to put them together until now!

Z's Mobile

Each piece is strung onto invisible thread and hung from two bamboo dowels covered in crochet.  I love the finished project and so does Z!  She and her mom especially like how the fairy slightly resembles their Mama.

Z's Mobile

Z's Mobile

I am currently finishing a blanket for my sister-in-law who is due any moment and will start work on a matching lamp and crocheted picture frames.  Pictures to follow soon!


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