Sunny Clamshell Pillow (comes with a pattern)

Sunny Clamshell Pillow

I might barely make the deadline, but this pillow is my second entry to Wool Hogs May Made It Challenge.  My first entry (the Granny Square Pillow) began a commitment to cover each and every one of the pillows in my home (as well as the bag of pillows hiding in the trunk of my car) with unique designs.  I think this will be a simple way to learn about different stitches and how to make original designs.  My first is the ‘Sunny Clamshell Pillow.” (pattern)

Sunny Clamshell Pillow

As well as learning new stitches, I want to learn how to make and write patterns.  I took lots of notes when making this pillow and converted them into my very first written pattern.  I’m sure there’s mistakes or a better format I could have used.  Suggestions are most welcome!

There are so many amazing entries to this months challenge.  Here’s a couple of my favorites:

  • A most beautiful Granny Square baby blanket by Hav2Havz

I also want to give thanks to:

Each and every one of the above mentioned blogs is jam packed with beautiful and inspiring work!!

The Back (because I like how it looks without embellishments too)

Clamshell Pillow by Aviena


10 thoughts on “Sunny Clamshell Pillow (comes with a pattern)

  1. Aviena!!!! WOW (jeez, i use this word a LOT) I absolutely adore your cushion and you made it so quickly! How sweet of your to say all those lovely things – I’m so happy that you’ve been as inspired as much as I have. Thank you so much xxx

      1. Not a problem! I’m learning so much every day and thought it a good time to start learning how to write patterns. This is my very first one!

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