Krochet Kids: Helping Ugandan Women “One hat at a time”

Krochet Kids is a non-profit company that helps 150 people in Uganda & Peru to find work, be educated, and be mentored.  It started with 3 friends who discovered a passion for crochet in high school.  During university, each young man had an opportunity to travel and volunteer in developing countries where each was deeply effected by the differences between his own life and those of the people he was meeting.  In Uganda, Stewart met people who had never had the means to be self-sufficient and wanted desperately to be free of dependence on aid programs.  It was their desperation and resilience that inspired the creation of Krochet Kids – an organization devoted to helping women out of poverty. The basic idea  is that women are taught how to crochet; Their items are sold through the Krochet Kids website; They receive a liveable income above minimum wage that enables them to provide for themselves, their children, and the future.

A quick introduction to Krochet Kids:

The awe inspiring story of Akello Welsy Olara:

I’ve searched their website thoroughly and loved many of the products that are for sale.  I especially like how each item has the signature of the woman who made it.  That way I can look her up on the website, read her story, and thank her personally for making me such a beautiful item.

My favorite is the Grant Necktie for $31.95:

If you want to help spread the word about such an amazing project you can:

  • purchase some of their fantastic products
  • start a Krochet Kids club at your school, with friends, to meet new people in your community, etc (more info on their website)
  • tell your friends and share any of the Krochet Kids media through facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.
  • reblog this post

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