Baby Greens

It’s officially ‘the weekend’ for gardening.  While I share a garden with my mom (who has property), I also plant in containers on my deck, 15 floors above the city and overlooking the Pacific Ocean. In previous years, I’ve always grown flowers but decided to change it up this season and will be growing only veggies and herbs.  Tomorrow, mom and I will get the big garden started.  Today, I started mine:

May BasilBASIL

May SpearmintSPEARMINT

Thyme, Parsley, Thai BasilTHYME, PARSLEY, THAI BASIL


May Cherry Falls TomatoCHERRY FALLS TOMATO

May StrawberrySTRAWBERRY

I still have to plant my carrot, kale, beets, spring onion, and radish seeds.  So far, I’m finding more excitement planting food I can eat throughout the summer than the flowers I’m accustomed to watching bloom.

6 thoughts on “Baby Greens

  1. This has reminded me that I really must get my garden started, I had such plans last year and that was as far as it got, time for action I think. Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. You’re most welcome!! My green thumb seems to get a little greener each year, and I can no longer live without having my space filled with growing things. I find it so grounding to get my hands dirty and to watch my plants slowly reach towards the sun. Will you post pictures of your planting??

      1. Possibly, my intention is good, the body may be weak 😉 it will take me a couple of weeks just to sort out the “jungle” that is currently my garden.

    1. I’m excited! I just found and planted a cucumber too. By the time I get back from Jamaica this summer, my plants should be ready for some delicious salads. Is your garden planted??

      1. Yes, I have most of my vegetables planted. I will be adding a few more this weekend. This morning I added some more finished compost to the garden to help hold in the moisture and prevent weeds from sprouting. I love how fresh everything looks in May. Enjoy Jamaica!

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