My First Crochet Flower Garland!

Flower Garland by Aviena

It’s been awhile since I posted a crochet project, as my attention has been focused on the messiness of painting and collage.  Recently, I purchased Beyond the Square: Crochet Motifs and was inspired to pick up my crochet hook.

This book has given me so many ideas: garlands, belts, bracelets, children’s toys, pillows, lamp shades… Who knows where the inspiration will take me. I decided to start simple and finally make a flower garland.  I’ve been researching them after making my triangle bunting.  I used Motif #40 and #41 and quickly crocheted 15 flowers using yarn that was left over from my granny blanket.  The entire garland is a little longer than I was intending and is large enough to drape over a large window or doorway.

I’d set the garland up in an old suit case to photograph, and my rather large cat claimed the space as his new bed. I’m thinking I will upcycle the suitcase into an awesome cat bed like the ones found here.

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