“Blue Storm”: A Mixed Media Collage

I created this collage a couple of years ago.  I’ve always liked it but didn’t quite connect with it until recently.  I’m not ready to tell the full story as to why but am ready to share that two recent miscarriages are the reason this image now resonates with me.  To be perfectly honest, I think the loss of my babies is the reason I’m finding it a challenge to express myself fully and authentically.  This collage has so many elements of what I’ve been feeling.  The storm, the troubled waters, the blood, the pain, the loss of self…. I could go on but am not sure what else to say except that I’m moving closer to a written confession of all that I’ve experienced.

Blue Storm by Aviena

Blue Storm by Aviena

I found the image of this lady in an old Juxtapoz magazine and wish I could give credit to the artist.  It’s just been awhile, and I’ve recycled what I couldn’t use from the rest of the issue.

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