Panther Jones Attempts Crochet…

Panther Jones attacks CrochetIt’s been an insane couple of weeks!! Instead of my creative pursuits, my days have been full of fulfilling the emotional needs of those I love.  I’ve spent countless hours on the phone with my cousins, listening to their tales of woe (as my Gramz likes to call them) and trying to work with them to find a more uplifting path to help them find a deeper sense of purpose.  I’ve also spent time in the hospital with a friend who is angry at life and taking it out on herself.  She’s beautiful, creative, and full of life.  She just needs help seeing that life has more to offer than the garbage she’s been dealing with.  Thankfully, she finally has a strong support system who values her voice and her rights to make choices for herself.  This ‘team’ has helped to renew a faith in humanity that my job was slowly destroying.

Late one evening, tired and unfocused, I finally sat down to work on a crochet project.  I started with my chains when Trev (aka. Panther Jones) sat down and asked if he could try.  I must say it was highly entertaining watching his long musician’s fingers attempting to chain wool.  He was determined for a whole 5 minutes and accomplished 2 chains.  I’ve never heard so many swear words attached to an activity I find to be very therapeutic.  I also laughed my ass off!!

I have yet to complete the project I started but thoroughly enjoyed watching Panther Jones be defeated by a small hook and a ball of yarn!  The laughter helped to soothe a tired heart.  Once again, I extend gratitude to the love of my life for making things a little brighter.

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