Needle Felted ‘Cat in the Hat’

Cat in the Hat by Aviena

This is an older project and the quality of the pictures aren’t the best, but I still wanted to document this project.  It was by far the most challenging, and it took forever!!!! It was inspired by a request from my Mother-in-Law for her grandson (my nephew).  I think I started and trashed this sculpture about 56 times (a little over-exaggerated!) before finally settling on a plan of attack.  Here’s the main body before details were added:

Cat in the Hat by Aviena

Once I had this basic shape, I started adding all of the fun details so that the ‘Cat in the Hat’ could begin materializing out of the wool.  I realized, after finishing the sculpture, that little hands might unravel what took me so long to make.  At this point, I choose to attach the ‘Cat in the Hat’ to a base.  I started by making my own Cat in the Hat inspired blocks:

Cat in the Hat - hand painted blocks

I started in my step-dad’s wood working shop, using a Band Saw for the very first time.  Each block was then hand sanded and painted.  I used an old Cat in the Hat book to select images and attached them to the blocks with Mod Podge.  For the base, I used 3 canvases from the dollar store which I then painted and covered with a page from the book.  This is the final product:

Cat in the Hat by Aviena

Cat in the Hat by Aviena

Besides being the hardest project I’d attempted thus far with needle felting, it was also the hardest to give away.  I learned so much from making this piece, and it helped change my style of needle felting.

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