Art Abandonment Project

Art Abandonment

I have the best K-Dad ever!!  Yesterday, he stopped at the grocery store and found this piece of art – a hand-painted oyster shell – with a note that read: “Today the Universe picks YOU to receive this gift, with the hope that you will enjoy it, give it a good home, or pass it on to someone else.”  Knowing such a find would send me over the moon with excitement, he gave it to me!  Doing so allowed us to share a warm moment of giving and gratitude.  It also inspired me to check out the group Art Abandonment on facebook.

The group was started by Michael deMeng and is explained in detail on the blog “Art Abandonment“.  The idea is that artists experience a letting go of the things they create without need of material return.  They make a gift and leave it somewhere for someone to find.  I doing so, they offer themselves and another the opportunity to experience an anonymous act of love.  I’m grateful not only for the beautiful gift but also for the inspiration to join this group.

To participate, you:

  1. make a piece of art
  2. write a note explaining that it’s a gift
  3. include contact info (in case the receiver wants to contact you)
  4. take a photograph
  5. package it
  6. hide it
  7. share your photo with the facebook group

I’ll share photos soon!

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