Z’s Mobile: Puffy Crochet Hearts

Puffy Hearts by Aviena

When I asked Z what her favorite colors are, I wasn’t surprised to hear: pink, yellow, and light blue.  I didn’t include any blue in the mobile because I designed the color palette around a needle felted fairy I made many months ago.  I was obsessed with making these fairies. I love their round shape and have used it in the design of my Baby Emmz.  This particular fairy, I made with Z in mind.

When she was younger, Trev and I took her and her brother to Toys R Us.  All Z wanted was a baby.  Specifically, a baby who looked like her.  We found lots of white dolls but no black dolls.  She was fine with it.  To her a new baby was a new baby.  Me?  I just found it interesting that the variety was so limited and that I’d never really noticed before.  I also remembered how her mom cried a few years earlier when I gave her a doll gifted to me by my cousin.  It was a beautiful doll handmade by a woman from Jamaica.  I’m not sure why I decided to give Z’s mom the doll, especially as I was in love with it, but it touched her deeply.  Apparently, the doll was almost identical to one that she had lost as a young girl.  She expressed her sadness in losing the doll as it was the only one she had that looked like her.  When making Z’s fairy, I knew it would be my last.  I had no idea where she would eventually find a home.  At the time, I had no idea I was making a fairy that would remind me of Z’s Grandma.

Grandma passed away November, 2012.  She was a beautiful and giving woman.  When I look at Z’s fairy, I think of Grandma and reminded to have faith and to love.  That’s why I chose to include a couple of hearts on the mobile.

I chose to crochet them, so I can include a little texture on the mobile.  I can’t take credit for the pattern, and am grateful to Tara Murray for the “Little Plushy Heart” on her blog Easy Makes Me Happy. After making the first, I quickly crocheted about a dozen more.  I’ll be returning to this pattern often and including these hearts in future projects.

The lady bug is a piece I needle felted some time ago when I was new to the craft.  I’ll post a pic of Z’s fairy and the completed mobile soon!

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