Mobile in the Making!

I’m very slowly finishing a mobile for a younger cousin.  The mobile will include crochet and needle felted embellishments.  For the moment, I’ll post some pictures of the crochet pieces that will be used to complete the mobile.

Crochet Flowers by Aviena

For these super cute and ridiculously easy flowers, I used Attic24’s free pattern “May Roses” and Josephine Wu’s “Adorable Little Spring Flower” pattern.  I admit that I’m not at a stage where I’m designing my own crochet patterns but am loving the variety of patterns that can be found on the web.  My Pinterest boards are overflowing with crochet ideas!  Many thanks to those who put such hard work into their patterns and for sharing the final results with those of us who are happy to learn and create from your passion!


5 thoughts on “Mobile in the Making!

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    1. I have no idea what the Liebster award is, but thank you!! I’ve only been blogging for a couple of weeks and am still learning but made love is flowing your way!

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