Giraffricorn by Aviena

The ‘Giraffricorn’ is a needle felted sculpture inspired by an creative challenge.  An artist I know, who goes by the name “Falafagas,” creates characters from an imagination that is light hearted and slightly whimsical.  Wanting to see him develop his art further, I challenged him to a duel – each would make the other a piece of art inspired by something the other had previously made.  I started by using one of his drawings to make a 3-dimensional, needle felted sculpture. This is what I made for him:

Falafagas: Needle Felted by Aviena

Eye Flower: Needle Felted by Aviena

Making the eye flowers was my favorite part.  As a replacement for flowers, they’re fantastic!!

It took months for his part of the duel to be complete.  He took one of his old, broken skateboards and painted one of his characters for the very first time.  From this point forward, I rarely saw one of his drawing that didn’t include some color.


This is what he came up with.  It was accompanied by a challenge to needle felt a creature with long legs and a long neck.  I enjoyed this tongue-in-cheek challenge at a time when I wasn’t feeling very creative.

It took me awhile, but I eventually created my ‘Giraffricorn.’  He stands about 8:inches tall, has big blue eyes, and a horn that glitters in gold. His hair and tail were made from wet-felting Merino wool into small strands and wrapping them around bamboo sticks while drying.

Giraffricorn 2 by Aviena

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