Goo Lish

Goo Lish: needle felted sculpture by Aviena My husband, Trev, has this inner kind who is always seeking new toys to play with.  He is forever asking me to make him new needle felted toys, each with particular specifications.  For ‘Goo Lish,’ Trev wanted a character that was part zombie and part Freddy from Nightmare on Elm St.

I have never watched the movie and don’t ever intend to, but I am a huge fan of zombies.  It all started with Zombie Land and  was firmly solidified the moment I started reading Robert Kirkman’s graphic novels The Walking Dead.  Trev had been trying for years to hook me onto graphic novels and this series is the one that finally caught my attention.   I thought the show was fantastic until I read the graphic novels and have since stopped watching the series.

Not particularly inspired to re-create one of Kirkman’s more horrific zombies, though, I kept to my fondness for cuteness and made Trev a more lovable zombie.  Entirely needle felted, ‘Goo Lish’ stands about 4″ tall.

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