A Dollhouse: My First Sewing Project…

doll house by Aviena

I found tutorials for this little dollhouse on Pinterest from  a girl and a glue gun and UK lass in US . It reminds me of a similar house that my mom made for my brother, my sister, and myself.  Her’s was a little bigger and had more furniture.  She also sewed a different family for each of us: mice, rabbits, and bears.  I still have it and remember how much enjoyment her handmade gift gave me.  So, I wanted to try one of my own.

As this is my first sewing project, I will be forgiving towards my feelings about the final product.  For embellishments I used fabric glue to attach felt, fabric, lace, sequins, butterflies, and crocheted flowers.  Needing inhabitants for this tiny home, I choose to needle  felt ‘Mr. Bee’ and ‘Lady Bug.’   At 2 inches tall, each of them is perfect for tiny hands and a button has been attached to the bottom to prevent tipping over.

Mr. Bee and Lady Bug by Aviena

“Mr. Bee” and “Lady Bug.”

Dollhouse and "Lady Bug" by Aviena

Lady Bug is chilling inside.  A crochet flower is the only piece of furniture and can serve as a bed, couch, or table.  She has lace curtains and butterfly chandeliers.

Dollhouse by Aviena

Mr. Bee is reflecting by the pond while Lady Bug watches from inside their home.

4 thoughts on “A Dollhouse: My First Sewing Project…

  1. Thank you so much! To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about it. Your beautiful comment, however, makes me reconsider ‘kind of liking it’ to actually ‘liking it.’

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